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Anaren Bluetooth Smart Development Kit

bike ped stuff

Atmel AVR stuff: Arduino Uno and FutureKit Temperature Controller

Running my own git server

Time to look at AVL again, now that I have landed in Sonoma county. OpenGTS and Traccar only know about GSM/GPRS devices. I want to work with APRS since that's what I have available. emcomm software

I like this page:

SDDP = Simple Device Discovery Protocol, see this press release

3D Printing

Garmin Monterra

GIS Educational Resources

Python and Pylons and Jinja2

Windows 7 Sensors and Location

Corvallis open source meeting notes


Short Term Memory

07-Aug-13 Fleet management

Geospatial catalog

25-Jun-2013 I have taken the next steps in creating PostGIS data warehouses now for both Alsea Geo and GEO-CEG. Now I am looking for a tidy way to track the metadata about the data I am busily loading into the warehouses.

Geonetwork looks like it might fit the bill.

Where roads meet

14-Jun-2013 Finding Intersections with Python It's working now. Some code fragments here for you.

13-Jun-2013 Notes and thoughts on my Nexus 7 android tablet.

07-Jun-13 Friday. Benton county building upload Okay so it's taking longer than I expected. Almost 1 year now.

2013-Jul-29 Q: How do you keep a SAR van alive? Current data, everything working remotely and disconnected from the big Cloud? Zeke Lunder � Chief of Operations Deer Creek Resources 144 Meyers St #140, Chico, CA 95926

2013-Jul-25 A collection of notes about HTML5, CSS and Javascript

For GEO-CEG I need to look at alternatives to Google Hangouts and a good [[Calendar] app. And about 30 other things.

21-July-2013 ARRL has a new course for SAR comm. I started the FEMA course and I need to work on it.

20-July-2013 My new BeagleBone Black arrived. Now I have to do something with it. I have some old notes here: ARM processor boards

July-2013 ANT wireless is interesting at the moment since I bought a couple add-ons for my Garmin GPSMAP 62SC that send cadence and temperature data to it, and also I have an ANT-based Fitbit. I have a Garmin heart monitor around too.

June-2013 Investigating Geomoose and Geomoose on RHEL

May-2013 I am interested in 3D Printing now because I got a Replicator 2.

09-Apr-2013 GeoKettle/GeoMondrian look good but Andy suggests looking at GeoMediaPro

14-Mar-2013 Directions Mag webinar on how USFS is using Google Earth

06-Feb-2013 Finding Intersections with Python

18-Dec-2012 More Android work, trying out MapsForge

17-Dec-2012 Ubuntu is out, Linux Mint is in.

27-Oct-2012 Saturday - Ext JS 4

26-Oct-2012 Friday - OpenStreetMap Commercial Conference


This Linux ultrabook looks cool.

Okay so last month I got a 1970 MG Midget, joined the local Corvallis British Car Club, and decided I should have a complete welding and metal working shop at home.

Gearing up mentally for SOTM in Portland tomorrow. I'd rather stay home and work on the new welding shop. I am wiring, insulating, and sheet rocking. I plan on putting metal on top of the sheet rock to stop stray sparks from setting the house on fire.

Funny, I did welding and cutting extensively in my parents' attached garage, never set anything on fire, and they never cared. Now I am very concerned and cautious.

No doubt, my shop should include the ability to use computer aided design software and CNC equipment.

Wouldn't you know, it turns out Linux runs rampant in the CNC world. Today I could this link for CAD software:

Also I am now an Android developer and a Javascript developer and a board member of a forming non-profit.

30-June-2012 Trying to build QT5 from sources but failed

28-June-2012 My Raspberry Pi arrived! Installed QTonPi and fired it up.

17-May-2012 Yet more stuff to look at

Experiments with Telepathy

GeoKettle Spatial ETL

"GeoKettle is a powerful, metadata-driven Spatial ETL tool dedicated to the integration of different spatial data sources for building and updating geospatial data warehouses."

GeoMondrian SOLAP server

"GeoMondrian is an Open Source Spatial Online Analytical Processing Server, a spatially-enabled version of Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian). It has been released under the EPL."

16-May-2012 Migration to new service provider. Hostmonster was throttling my CPU about 1/2 the time. Now on

2012 The entire year more or less.

03-Jan-2011 Solar map of Benton county


Developing Benton County topo map, see also See Making your own Garmin GPS maps


Mapping Vietnam which requires Building GDAL on Linux


ELOGeo is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material about open geospatial data, software and standards, in order to facilitate the digital preservation and scholarly communication in the open geospatial community.

ESRI ArcMap Extensions: ST-Links SpatialKit for directly connecting to spatial databases without ArcSDE

08-Jul-2011 How I build GDAL for Windows

20-Apr-2011 - Coastal LiDAR

24-Feb-2011 HuPI move

01-Feb-2011 Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch Edition

26-Jan-2011 Working with dotSpatial, the library that MapWindow GIS is build upon.

November -- Raven got an OCZ RevoDrive and a WDC Caviar Black. SSD optimizations

Long Term Memory

17 June 2010

The world has been taken over by penguins. It's a much richer world. I was sleeping in a walled garden owned by a miserable witch who tried to fool me into thinking it was a place of wonder.

-- May 2010 gpsd on Mac PyQt on the Mac Just can't seem to get excited about PyQt but I did give it a chance.

16-Jan-2010 Alfresco building for Debian 64-bit. 01-Nov-2010 I need to revisit Alfresco, it still seems like a good idea for AlseaGeo.

05 Jan 2010 Low-cost RTK

21-Dec-2009 Debian Live, Walltop

30-Oct-09 GIS on the Macintosh

24-Oct-09 I got a nice new 13" MacBook Pro today, first Mac I have owned since the Mac IICX. She is named Stellar after Stellar's Jay.

24-Jun-09 Another thing to look at .. tools for ArcView

03-Feb-2009 Idea of the day, create an equivalent to openstreetmap for personal weather stations. Or even better, find one that already exists.

30 Jan 09 Now using Google Sitesearch for this site, which integrates quite well with the Mediawiki software.

26 Jan 09 I bought a month worth of T-Mobile data access for $20 from eBay so I am spending some time with the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner that I got last summer. It was fun, but the month ended and the rate went to $157. Ha ha! Good bye data access

20 Jan 09 Doing a bit of Microchip PIC programming.

03 Sept 08 Developing cross-platform GUI applications with Python and QT4: PyQt The longer I work with Python, the more I like it. but QT? Meh.

Feb 17 2008 Streaming media servers

Dec 24 2007 Cool link of the day

Ubuntu on Toshiba Magnia SG20 -- Otter -- I still fire up the SG20 once in a while when I get email requests for help.


Jan 11 2007 - Lots of snow here last night! I am walking to work. I will carry my new radio. The Radio Page

No more paper

I just noticed this old entry, and indeed I really do scan things now. I file the scans in a Dropbox folder. I have 2 scanners. The one I use is part of a Canon all in one that a friend gave me. What I like about it is the "automated document feeder" (ADF) that lets me scan piles of papers. Also, since it does duty as a copier and printer, it is usually accessible. The HP 3970 is usually disconnected and buried under a pile of papers.

2007 Jan -- I just decided I am really tired of filing all the bits of paper that collect in piles around here every year around 'tax time'. Also, I don't want to own a file cabinet anymore. It's heavy and bulky. Continued in No more paper

2009 Jan-- The Canoscan FB630 that a friend gave me never worked right. It is now in the junk pile.

2009 Feb- Got a scanner off the local Craig's List. HP 3970 works great.


Making your own Garmin GPS maps

Google Maps support has been added to this wiki. (2 June 08)


Girls On The Run
CARDV Run/Walk
South Corvallis
City of Corvallis Parks
Airport area maps for Paul
Evanite Fiber Corp area

Coastal Oregon

I've been preparing maps for my personal use on trips to Coastal Oregon. 5 maps here so far.

Oregon Cascades

Just one so far. More to come. Oregon Cascades

Sonoma county: Not online right now, maps of the CDS Wireless Network. I plan on putting these static maps into Mapserver any day now...


A PDF Classic Cartographic Technique in ArcGIS

Shaded relief

To learn more than you could want to know about color and shading on maps, visit these sites. has articles by Bill Patterson of the National Park Service on producing 2d and 3D maps using natural colors. has lots of information on shading techniques and very interesting articles about cartographers.

Swiss hillshading (and lots of cartography info)


My big project last year, Oregon Solar Highways

GIS Jobs sites listing GIS job openings

Data sources

Model Builder

New ESRI Services

GeoDa - An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis

Cartographic Connections video

Generating intersections from streets:


The FreeGIS site has the largest collection of freely available GIS/CGPS software. But the collection is not inclusive because policy prohibits them from listing free but protected commercial software. So for example, Trimble's free mission planning program is not available there.

GISuser has a collection of free tools.

From email: Since 1997, I have implemented sets of Java, Web & Wireless GIS tools. Most of them are free to use. If you are interested, please visit for more information. -- Shiuh-Lin Lee

MapWindow GIS

gvSIG is a tool oriented to manage geographic information. It is characterized by a user-friendly interface, with quick access to the most common raster and vector formats. In the same view it includes local as well as remote data through a WMS or WFS source.

Forestry GIS (fGIS™) is a compact but robust shapefile editing program, digitizer and GIS data query tool for Windows®

GMT = Generic Mapping Tools:




Commercial server software

Alta4 Imagemapper and GPS Photomapper imapemapper example see City of Newberg too.

Mobile GIS Software


Mobile Geographics mapping and navigation for PDAs (This site is PalmOS oriented)

Elkhorn Slough Wireless Project Spring 2003 CSU Monterey Bay project

Clipping orthophotos Process used in CDS Wireless project

I want documentation on every possible available addon and tool for ArcMap!! I suppose the closest thing today is the knowledge base. I ran across the GPS stuff today in 9.1 ArcInfo.

Refractions developed PostGIS
Manifold GIS software
Remote sensing
GRASS Open source GIS software

Fuzzy GIS

Fuzzy thoughts -or- Who gets to decide where the shoreline is, and why isn't it fuzzy?

For georeferencing historical maps, can we use a fuzzy confidence overlay to indicate what areas of the map look good spatially and what ones don't?

GIS-based fuzzy c-Means clustering analysis of urban public transit network service: The Nanjing City case study

Integrating exploration dataset in GIS using fuzzy inference modeling


ArcGIS A few ArcObjects notes at the moment.
Mapserver iMap
ArcIMS + ColdFusion
ArcPad including notes on PDAs




Programming for GIS

Software development

Web-based map viewers: Feature list for mapserver viewers
Test projects: 1. SWF viewer 2. Orthoviewer See also Flash support in Mapserver

Using ArcMap as a front end to ArcIMS and/or Mapserver

ArcMap to ArcIMS: Jeroen Ticheler's script MXDtoAXL downloaded from -- this works quite well but breaks if version > 9.0 (There is another MXD converter on arcscripts by Mark Andrews. He provides only a snipped of VB and no instructions. Since we are not ArcObjects geniuses, Kevin and I are sticking to Veroen's program.)

ArcMap to Mapserver Still looking into this. On possibility is avein. See also this page.

Here is the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide. To tweak ArcIMS servers and viewers you really need to know ArcXML. It's used for ArcPad configuration too.


Server side vs client side user interfaces for web mapping It's not really a matter of 'versus' rather than 'where do we draw the line?' Some things HAVE to be on the client. Others can be implemented in either place.

For significant work such as editting and updating we still need a desktop app. Web mapping should be used more for display and simple analysis, with a desktop app communicating with central data stores as the model for editting and advanced spatial analysis.


General GPS project notes

Magnavox GPS reference station

GPS on Bicycles

GPS and the PocketPC

GPS mission planning software
Making your own Garmin GPS maps
Transferring GPS data

GPS receivers Some that I own, some that I am interested in.
GPS Protocols
GPS simulators

GPS Links I find interesting at the moment:

La Cima ActiveX protocols for Garmin, etc.

GPS workflow National Park Service page
GpPaSsion reviews and forums
GPS Photo-Link

Solar/Alternative Energy

Solar CREEK -- "Clean Renewable Energy for Everyone's Kids."

Monitoring solar installations


Doing something about the weather data loggers, xml, web sites...

Yellowstone Weatherstation

Misc Electronics


M-audio Microtrack Digital audio recorder


Chintimini Wireless Project

WRT54GS project

Tangent Unplugged

Elkhorn Slough Wireless Project Spring 2003 CSU Monterey Bay project

Web site content management


I am currently using the stable version of Mediawiki which is the software used for the Wikipedia.

Reasons I like Mediawiki: It is easy to install. It is easy to customize. It is easy to learn. It is very well supported and has a large user community.

Update. I have been using Mediawiki for over a year now. I have deployed it at work, at home, at my ISP, and for and solarcreek,org. I like it. I use it for site management, and I document all my work in wikis now. No more lost scraps of paper or random txt files scattered all over creation.

But there are things it does not do well, so I am back looking at Drupal now for main page.

Mediawiki extensions

There are maps in the Wikipedia, so I should really look at the wikimedia extensions for GIS and maps first.

Gallery2 is an image gallery that has been integrated successfully with both Drupal and Mediawiki, which makes it potentially very useful to me.

Speeding up mediawiki

...and slimming it down. When I had my own computer on the Internet I had no constraints. Now I either choose a slow virtual CPU at or a fast but CPU cycle limited server at If I use too many cycles at Hostmonster they cut off access from the outside world for 5 minutes. VERY ugly.

I tried to put caching onto mediawiki that will stop it from being a resource hog. Nothing seemed to help.


Built-in mediawiki caching -- since I am getting kicked out regularly I can assume this one is not good enough for my purposes.

memcached -- cache access to database

eAccelerator ( -- precompile php code

squid -- caches html accesses. I read this suggestion on a hostmonster forum. Sean Kelly suggests that Varnish is the way to go.


For a while I was convinced Drupal was the best CMS so I started writing this Beginner's guide for Drupal. I stopped working on it when I quit using Drupal. (Which was almost immediately...) I am leaving the page here because I might revisit it at any moment.

(and that moment is NOW. Brian Wilson 07:03, 13 March 2006 (PST))


I might revisit Zope and Plone instead. The only reason I am interested in plone right now is because of plonemap. The plonemap server seems to be down right now so I can't even research it. (29-Nov-2005) Later for this...

Google pays my phone bill.

If you want to talk to me, click on this button and enter your phone number then Google Voice will phone you. Answer the call and wait while Google Voice phones me and connects our calls together. If you call me from a land line, you won't have to pay for the call. Since Google does not charge me for the service, I don't have to pay either.

My incoming calls 'used to come to me via Gizmo so I didn't have to pay for any phone line to receive calls. I used a VOIP service for outgoing calls for a year or so but find that using Google for outgoing calls works fine too.

Then a couple years ago Google bought Gizmo. As of April 1 2011, Google has shut down Gizmo. I am not very happy about this, but it was a free service so I can't complain too much.

My Google voice number is 541-368-7383.

Anyone that wants to edit in this wiki is welcome to do so, but I have account creation locked due to spammers. Send me a note to get an account.