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I currently use "abcde" for ripping CD's. It's doing most of what I need now thanks to careful tuning of the .abcde.conf file.

I started using "grip" to convert my discs to audio files a long time ago when it came with Ubuntu. They dropped it from Ubuntu but I still used it by compiling from source.

I experimented with using FLAC but found it was not working in the Logitech Mediaserver. Instead of continuing to fight with it I opted to bump up the quality on the rip for my CD's.

All my players handle FLAC. Oh well.


Read the wiki here

Embedding cover art Fixing Genre tag Fixing Artist tag (removing "The")

If the image is big then resize down to 512x512

file cover.jpg
mv cover.jpg backup
convert backup -resize cover.jpg
for i in *mp3; do 
  eyeD3 --add-image=cover.jpg:FRONT_COVER --artist=Pentangle --genre=Folk "$i"

Or just add the image

for i in *mp3; do 
  eyeD3 --add-image=cover.jpg:FRONT_COVER "$i"


I use a locally compiled version of grip. Version 3.3.1 compiled on Ubuntu 14.10

Download from:


sudo apt-get install  lame cdparanoia \
 libgnomeui-dev libghc-vte-dev curl libcurl4-openssl-dev
make -j 6
sudo make install

vte is a terminal widget


Currently I just keep all the files in a folder hierarchy. I tried keeping a MySQL database but found that I never used it.

Device is /dev/sr0



I used to use these settings for MP3 encoding.

Encoder is "lame".

command line: -h -V 1

file extension is .mp3

file format: ~/music/%A/%d/%t-%n.%x


Uncheck "Add ID3 tags" -- lame is doing the tagging for us.


I use this:



Email address

Do not lowercase filenames

Do not change spaces to underscores