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uWSGI lets me deploy flask applications without having to run the built in server.

This page helped me:

and this:

apt-get install uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python

In the virtualenv environment install uwsgi

source venv/bin/activate
pip install uwsgi

You can run from command line to test it

uwsgi -s --protocol=http --wsgi-file /var/lib/twilio-weatherman/pyweatherman/ 

and this should work:

Right now I only need to deploy a single app, so I just hacked a shell script and set it to run at boot.


I changed nginx to work with it.

Building Nginx for Owncloud and Windows

The reason is to get digest authentication, so that I can use Windows 7 as a WebDAV client.

So far this is a FAIL.

  1. I cannot convince Windows to store a self-signed certificate.
  2. I can't get digest authentication to work with owncloud.

If I did succeed then I would need a Docker container so that I can load it in the Synology server.

Windows is a pain.



git clone
cd nginx-1*
./configure --add-module=../nginx-http-auth-digest/ --with-http_ssl_module --with-cc-opt=-Wno-error
sudo make install