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Plover is a Late 2013 MacBookPro with Retina display. A1502

I run Parallels and then use Windows 7 + ArcGIS.


I have Sierra on it now

2016-Sep-02 -- Installed updates this morning and now it can't find any apps. See below

2016-Jan-16 -- I put El Capitan on it yesterday.

Clear DNS cache

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Dual displays

Apple does a superlative job of supporting multiple displays, I can plug in 2 external monitors and get 3 total separate displays or I can use external mouse and keyboard working with the lid closed on the Mac.

  1. Plug in a cheap Firewire/Thunderbolt DVI adapter on the left side of Plover.
  2. Connect monitor #1 (Dell 20") to the adapter.
  3. Connect monitor #2 (Acer 23") to the DVI port on the right side of Plover
  4. Connect Plover to AC power and close the lid.
  5. Set the monitors to separate mode (not mirrored) using icon in Menu bar.

Use with either USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Voila! 2 big screens. Cables running all over heck.

Update fail

Was able to log in using Julie's account. Trying this: I see "mdworker deny(1) file-read-data" errors in /var/log/system.log

This worked:

find /private/var/folders |grep | grep csstore > /tmp/foo

Now delete each of those files.

for i in `cat /tmp/foo`; do sudo rm -f $i; done

And reboot. All should now be well. I wonder what those files do and how that guy figured out what to do.


Model Name: MacBook Pro

 Model Identifier:	MacBookPro11,1
 Processor Name:	Intel Core i7
 Processor Speed:	2.8 GHz
 Number of Processors:	1
 Total Number of Cores:2
 L2 Cache (per Core):	256 KB
 L3 Cache:	        4 MB
 Memory:	        16 GB
 Boot ROM Version:	MBP111.0138.B16
 SMC Version (system):	2.16f68


 Capacity:	1 TB (1,000,555,581,440 bytes)
 Model:	APPLE SSD SM1024F                       
 Revision:	UXM6JA1Q
 Serial Number:	S1K6NYAF516200      
 Native Command Queuing:	Yes
 Queue Depth:	32
 Removable Media:	No
 Detachable Drive:	No
 BSD Name:	disk0
 Medium Type:	Solid State
 TRIM Support:	Yes
 Partition Map Type:	GPT (GUID Partition Table)
 S.M.A.R.T. status:	Verified