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Last year (2017) I had an ArcGIS Developer "Professional" license. It really was not worth the $1800 investment. Here are notes I wrote as I worked with it.

I also have a $100 personal ArcGIS license so that I can access the full range of extensions in Desktop. This is a better deal, the only reason to get the developer license is to experiment with ArcGIS Enterprise, and you can use PostGIS now with Desktop. So you have to really need ArcGIS Enterprise.

What's available

This is a partial list

  1. Desktop includes ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGIS Pro, and the commonly used extensions 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Network Analyst.
  2. Enterprise includes ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, and...
  3. Online includes an organizational account and credits so you can use it.
  4. Apps
  5. of course, developer support includes SDK's and Runtime.


  1. Put ArcGIS Server in Docker. See Built on Ubuntu Server. Mostly done - I need to work out the VOLUMES settings.
  2. Put Portal for ArcGIS in Docker. See Built on Ubuntu Server. In progress
  3. Set up SQL Server in Docker (comes from Microsoft)
  4. Load some data.
  5. Confirm it is all usable from ArcGIS Desktop.
  6. Build a web site for internal use.
  7. Publish the data into ArcGIS Online.
  8. Create a web map and publish it.
  9. GeoCortex

Other topics to explore along the way


Read the manual.

ESRI provides backup tools to back up

  • settings
  • service configurations
  • Portal content and data store

The tools with ArcGIS Server are just called "backup" and "restore" and they are python scripts. Example backup:

~/server/tools/admin/backup -u admin -p admin -s http://myserver:6080 -f /tmp/mybackups

The backup tool included with Portal is called "Web GIS DR Tool" where "DR" = Disaster Recovery Sounds like the backup tool wraps everything in one output file.

Use your own procedures to back up cache tiles, data files and SQL databases.

~/server/tools/admin/backup -u arcgis

Backing up Docker containers


$ docker commit -p arcgis-server arcgis-server-backup
$ docker images
REPOSITORY             TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
arcgis-server-backup   latest              8841e3fe9bfd        2 minutes ago       11.48 GB
geoceg/ubuntu-server   latest              0c819c3553b5        2 hours ago         300.1 MB
geoceg/arcgis-server   latest              b5dbe387ce59        4 hours ago         11.45 GB
geoceg/ubuntu-server   <none>              e1ffc1e26b59        33 hours ago        294.3 MB


Field data collection and management


SQL Server integration



Stored procedures


PostgreSQL integration

Interoperability with PostGIS???