Elevation surface

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I am using LiDAR collected by DOGAMI

Finished products will be used

  • to put a better contour layer onto our web maps
  • for more cartographic control over how hillshades and shaded relief render
  • to allow a "how tall is this thing" widget
  • to explore 3D rendering

Tool chain

Right now I have been using GDAL for all data processing and ArcGIS Pro for rendering to check results.

I wrestled for a couple days with getting Esri tools to function and gave up. Not worth the fight.

I am keeping everything in TIFF files and using VRTs.

Processing is being driven from a bunch of Python scripts.

Soon I will have to address the issues of data quality and look at the level of detail in the final contour and issues with seams and such.

General information

Shaded relief


To learn more than you could want to know about color and shading on maps, visit these sites.

http://www.reliefshading.com/ has articles by Bill Patterson of the National Park Service on producing 2d and 3D maps using natural colors.

http://shadedrelief.com/ has lots of information on shading techniques and very interesting articles about cartographers.

Swiss hillshading (and lots of cartography info) http://mappractical.blogspot.com/2011/09/swiss-hillshade-model-in-arcmap.html