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We're moving from shared hosting at back to a VPS at because it's now cheaper.

Web service

For HuPI it is in /home/hupi. The web pages are all in /home/hupi/content/.

It's running in a Docker container called "hupi", using the Caddy webserver.

There is another Docker container called "caddy-proxy" that handles the certificates for the HTTPS encryption. It's also running Caddy and it functions as a reverse proxy.


These are old notes, it's not set up yet.

Using postfix as the MTA.

Mailing lists

The only list left is "vph", I shut all the others down over a year ago.

It should still be possible to connect to the postfix/mailman container via exec to run mailman commands, in fact you could run the commands directly (no shell.) I should be able to make aliases for that.


docker pull macropin/mailman

I can direct traffic from the router to any particular port so I can run SMTP on port 2525 and send port 25 traffic to it.

docker run --rm -ti --name mailman \
 -p 2525:25 -p 8025:80 \
 -e \
 -e \
 -e [email protected] \
 -e MAILMAN_ADMINPASS=yersecretpassword \

You should be able to connect to the 2 services, HTTP and SMTP.

telnet localhost 8025
telnet localhost 2525