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I keep tips and project notes here on for my own use, but try to write as if I actually have an audience. If you find anything here useful or want more details feel free to contact me.

I keep notes in this wiki but my github projects have extensive notes in them, too.

My GIS related stuff including mapping, ol-react, and dockers is usually in the Wildsong repo. My non-GIS things and quick ideas I am testing end up in the brian32768 repo.

I recently started keeping a "develop" branch on my git repos so that the main branch (in theory) always has functioning code now and develop always is under development.

In NPM, ol-react is released at @map46/ol-react

ArcGIS Online: They (ESRI) make me have two accounts, one for my general account and one for my personal/home/ArcGIS Pro account. I really wish they did not do this.

  • My organizational account wildsong gets 50 credits a month. I need to do banners for these sites. :-)
  • My personal account map46 gets 100 credits.

Recent changes

2023-01 Last month I had a "wellness" check at Columbia Memorial Hospital and they did nothing but a blood test then they billed me $1000. They did the same thing with my spouse. We will never go to CMH again. Message to all you out there who condemn public health initiatives -- the US "health care" system is already broken.

2022-11-12 Moved to Tektonic and shut down the Bluehost account to save money. Backups are on Bellman in ~/Backups/Bluehost

2022-01 It's all about IoT and Home control these days. And ham radio also. And always bicycles. And Svelte and maybe Jamstack?

2021-03 setting up "Esri Web App Builder, Developer Edition" (WABDE) in Docker.

2020-08-10 I am building an Elevation surface for Clatsop county including contours, hillshades, shaded relief.

2020-03-18 Docker + Python + Visual Studio Code, using Remote Containers Extension, wow like crazy man.

2020-01-03 In spite of the fact Vastra is dead, I am working on Presence Detection, now in the context of IoT.


2019-11-01 Asterisk on Bellman is broken so I am shutting it down and switching to a Twilio TwiML set up. We almost never used it once Vastra ended. I sold my snazzy Grandstream phones on eBay.

2019-09 Things I am looking at / using for the web maps (besides React + OpenLayers): parceljs, codesplitting, jsts, Solr, Redux, redux-first-router, GeoServer+PostGIS vs ArcGIS Server+MSSQL - ArcGIS in the daytime and GeoServer by night!

2019-07 I started experimenting with OpenLayers 6 which is in beta (and JavaScript). Keeping my OpenLayers and JavaScript in Github, see experiments at and released things at


Survived fires in Sonoma county (2017 edition), moved to Astoria Oregon to start a new job/

Tightening TLS security

Bar code on my helmet.

Weatherman app twilio-weatherman on github

Signal 2017 is done, now I need to use what I learned. Hackpack v3 and Caller ID processing

Docker for everything! Geoserver, MySQL, Logitech SqueezeBox... even ArcGIS Enterprise until my license expired.

ArcGIS Developer


Portable Windows Sometimes when I work onsite for clients, I can't get admin rights and just install any tools I need. So I plug in my Portable Windows external drive and away I go!

10/2016 Anaren Bluetooth Smart Development Kit

9/2016 bike ped stuff

Atmel AVR stuff: Arduino and FutureKit Temperature Controller

Teensy USB Development Board

Running my own git server

Time to look at AVL again, now that I have landed in Sonoma county. OpenGTS and Traccar only know about GSM/GPRS devices. I want to work with APRS since that's what I have available. emcomm software

I like this page:

SDDP = Simple Device Discovery Protocol, see this press release

3D Printing

Garmin Monterra

GIS Educational Resources

Windows 7 Sensors and Location

Where roads meet

14-Jun-2013 Finding Intersections with Python It's working now. Some code fragments here for you.

2013-Jul-25 A collection of notes about HTML5, CSS and Javascript

21-July-2013 ARRL has a new course for SAR comm. I started the FEMA course and I need to work on it.

20-July-2013 My new BeagleBone Black arrived. Now I have to do something with it. I have some old notes here: ARM processor boards

July-2013 ANT wireless is interesting at the moment since I bought a couple add-ons for my Garmin GPSMAP 62SC that send cadence and temperature data to it, and also I have an ANT-based Fitbit. I have a Garmin heart monitor around too.

June-2013 Investigating Geomoose and Geomoose on RHEL

09-Apr-2013 GeoKettle/GeoMondrian look good but Andy suggests looking at GeoMediaPro

"GeoKettle is a powerful, metadata-driven Spatial ETL tool dedicated to the integration of different spatial data sources for building and updating geospatial data warehouses."

GeoMondrian SOLAP server

"GeoMondrian is an Open Source Spatial Online Analytical Processing Server, a spatially-enabled version of Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian). It has been released under the EPL."

17-May-2012 Yet more stuff to look at

Experiments with Telepathy


Mapping Vietnam which requires Building GDAL on Linux

08-Jul-2011 How I build GDAL for Windows

20-Apr-2011 - Coastal LiDAR

24-Feb-2011 HuPI move

17 June 2010

The world has been taken over by penguins. It's a much richer world. I was sleeping in a walled garden owned by a miserable witch who tried to fool me into thinking it was a place of wonder.


Oregon Solar Highways I was project lead on this one. Now I'm working for Nexus Solutions siting solar in Oregon.

GIS Jobs sites listing GIS job openings

Data sources

Model Builder

New ESRI Services

GeoDa - An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis

Cartographic Connections video

Elkhorn Slough Wireless Project Spring 2003 CSU Monterey Bay project

Clipping orthophotos Process used in CDS Wireless project

I want documentation on every possible available addon and tool for ArcMap!! I suppose the closest thing today is the knowledge base. I ran across the GPS stuff today in 9.1 ArcInfo.

Refractions developed PostGIS
Manifold GIS software
Remote sensing
GRASS Open source GIS software


General GPS project notes

Magnavox GPS reference station

GPS on Bicycles

GPS mission planning software
Making your own Garmin GPS maps
Transferring GPS data

GPS receivers Some that I own, some that I am interested in.
GPS Protocols
GPS simulators

GPS Links I find interesting at the moment:

GPS workflow National Park Service page
GpPaSsion reviews and forums
GPS Photo-Link

Solar/Alternative Energy

Solar CREEK -- "Clean Renewable Energy for Everyone's Kids."

Monitoring solar installations


Doing something about the weather data loggers, xml, web sites...

Yellowstone Weatherstation

Misc Electronics


M-audio Microtrack Digital audio recorder


Anyone that wants to edit in this wiki is welcome to do so, but I have account creation locked due to spammers. Send me a note to get an account. [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]]

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