Rotary encoder

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I have several encoders that I got from the place in Beaverton, that I can never remember the name of. Gizmo Surplus?

And I have one on a board from a sensor kit, it has pull up resistors and a 5 pin connector.

  1. CLK
  2. DAT
  3. SW
  4. +
  5. GND

I have to assume it works at +5V and that it will work with this nice Python library by Mike Teachman. Or I need to find more info, probably here on the Adafruit site.

I have my choice of Micropython or Circuit Python. I think I will try Circuit Python and the Adafruit Feather board. Looks like it's "built in" on Circuit Python. Their demo sets it up as a volume control knob over the USB port. I will try that exercise as a starting point.