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Hi, I am Brian Wilson and this is my Wiki. More professional interests can be perused on the Main Page.

Feel free to contact me by sending mail to brian at

I was a founding member of GEO-CEG, which was a non-profit helping small communities find their way with GIS.

I am a GIS guy now. I have done so much other stuff. Recently I designed Asterisk based phone systems. Before that I was a wireless network engineer (fixed wireless outdoors for Internet service). I used to call myself a Linux system administrator but that title seems outdated to me today.

I have a batch of bikes ranging from a Longbikes Slipstream to a Specialized Roubaix.

There used to be a paragraph telling you about my complicated phone system here. Right now it's mostly just a cellphone. You can phone 541-368-7383 if you need to talk to me.

It's all out there

The web projects That's this site.
Alas "Clean renewable energy for everyone's kids" is no more. Human Power Institute

World Human Powered Vehicle Association (formerly International Human Powered Vehicle Association)

Nov 2015 I am now less bitter than when I wrote this, LOL:

I created the web site and hosted and maintained it for about 10 years until the domain was taken from me by the US/California chapter. I decided it was time to abandon the project rather than fight with them any more anyway.

The principle activity of the US chapter has devolved to running an annual event called Battle Mountain in which streamliners race through time traps. I ride my bicycles every day on streets to get to work and around town. Even Burning Man has more connection to reality than Battle Mountain.

The international organization is now at kindly archived the original site and maintains it.

The US site is here:

The transfer of the domain was facilitated by "Go Daddy" in violation of ICANN rules. I actually saw a TV ad for them once. Imagine that; there is still TV and there are still ads on it. I don't understand that.

Places we volunteer

Alas this list is now a couple years old, I need to find some Astoria opportunities.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Point Reyes National Seashore

When we were in Corvallis about 5 years ago

Benton Soil and Water Conservation District

Chintimini Wildlife Rehab We cared for a crow named Mojo for over a year.

Benton County Fish Passage Improvement Program

The bicycles

I have to update all these links -- looks like I lost some pages on one of my site moves.

Raleigh Gran Prix, the daily driver
2014 Specialized Roubaix, the fast crazy light bike
Davidson Discovery, solid light touring bike
Longbikes Slipstream replaced the Biketator and the Ryan
Dahon folder
Raleigh Alyeska, she's been powdercoated and named Jade. She has a broken rear dropout right now. :-(

No longer in the bike barn
Rotator Tiger
Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Hoo - not really into MTB's but this was a nice one
Gary Fisher Paragon - set up as a fast road bike with slicks and Scott bars
1984 Honda Elite 125
Ryan Vanguard has been sold to a collector of recumbents in the Avatar/Ryan family
Biketator has been donated to the local bike collective, who sold it.
Raleigh Record
Fuji Touring Series III

Temporary guest
BiGHA I had this bike on loan for a few weeks.

The Love Bike -- tandem test ride

The answers

We don't need "rBGH".

We don't need "Golden Rice".

What we really don't need is patents on living things.

All we need is to study the 1000's of cultivars that we already have and are so busy losing.

Lost crops of Africa

Old computer games

Japanese computer trivia test: What was MSX?

MSX version of Bug Bomb

I wrote this game in 1983! It's still out there somewhere.

I found it on this picture of the MSX version here:

Hmm. That site is in Finland. I wonder how MSX and Bug Bomb fared in enchanting Suomiland.

Next question: What is a NEC PC-6001?

PC-6001 software

I wrote some games for it, so I googled it and found this picture. That's Bug Bomb again on the upper left. On cassette.

The site is


I just came across my collection of Monterey pictures, I have to figure out the best way to create photo galleries in the Wiki. (I guess that comment belongs down below in the TODO section.) Anyway, so here we go.

Bike tour: Scotland/England

Santa Rosa



Belle the turtle

The pond

1203 Beaver St

Robert Louis Stevenson park


April 2001

Sweden Gamlastan.jpeg

I went to Stockholm for Coactive Networks. I lost most of the photos I took in a hard drive crash.

I found this picture of a street in Gamlastan which I used for an article on image servers; that's why it has the control bar at the bottom.

Bike tour: Pacific coast

Summer 2002 Victoria, Bellingham, Port Townsend, to coast and south to Gold Beach


August 2002-June 2003

In the 2002/2003 academic year, I attended classes at CSU Monterey Bay, in Seaside California. My wife and I lived on campus in student housing. I worked for the Seafloor Mapping Lab and the Watershed Institute.

Julie worked for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California State Parks (doing restoration), and the Elkhorn Natives Nursery (mostly propagation). And of course she turned our tiny backyard from a rectangle of sand into a paradise.

More place holders: :-)


Our first winter here, everything froze.

I built a wireless bridge.


April 2004 We bought a house - "before" pictures



Dancing Rabbit October 2003

Bike tour: Northwest

Summer 2004 Vancouver, Bellingham, east of Seattle... Olympia Amtrak

Fall 2004

Solar Creek


October 2005 La'Akea goes here

2014 February bird festival in San Diego

2014 May - moved back to California. Sort of. Trying to. Took 8 months

2015 February - moved in to Cotati

2015 November 18 - lost Marie. One more sunset in Gold Beach.