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It's likely I won't be using Windows much longer! (Yeah, I've said that before.) At home I use it on Murre. Yeah and I bought a Dell named Pearl

I swear I already had an article on fixing Windows 10 but maybe it was Windows 8? I know there is Windows 7.

Time marches on and now we're getting Windows 11 at work, so I have to go through all the fixes again.

Scroll direction AKA Natural Scrolling

Once you get used to Natural on the Mac it seems wrong everywhere else. I remember how shocking it was on the Mac when they switched, then about an hour later it seemed totally "natural" and I understood why they call it that.

The touchpad comes with natural scrolling. They have made it possible to turn the touch pad scroll upside down but not to fix the mouse wheel. Ha. Stupid.

Initially I did the Regedit thing but it's a pain and requires a reboot and I think it gets periodically reverted by the IT management at work.

Using AutoHotKey is better, see

Install autohotkey

Create a file AutoHotKey.ahk in your Documents folder, and put this in it. Funny thing is that it works splendidly. I don't need to figure out the HID id of the mouse or anything. Sweet. I struggled to figure out which HID device is my mouse, there is only one mouse, but 2 show up in the Device Manager.

; Reverse mouse wheel to be more like OS X
WheelUp::Send {WheelDown}
WheelDown::Send {WheelUp}

; Alt Home sends my password
!Home::Send mysecretpassword

Search results show up for random garbage

I don't want to search for movies when I am looking for a file on my hard drive. I use a browser for finding movies.

Windows 10 -- Fixing it requires a REGISTRY EDIT!!? Hahahahahahaha Microsoft answer Some random web page.

Windows 11 -- in the search window, I get ADS ADS OMG LEAVE ME ALONE. I DON'T CARE ABOUT OPRAH OR WOMENS HEALTH MONTH. You have to edit the registry. Another random page.

Getting rid of OneDrive

Windows 11-- see

  1. Unlink --> In the task bar go to the onedrive icon and the gear and get into account and click Unlink This PC. You are no longer signed in.

On Windows 10 it is a registry thing.

This is not an issue at work, they do this for us.

Home drive is synced to OneDrive by default

Change your home directory to move it out of OneDrive. (At home only!)

Disconnect your account from Microsoft.

  • Click on "Start" (or rather the icon :-)
  • Click on the profile picture.
  • Click on "Change account settings"
  • Click the thing that "Sign in with a local account instead".

This means your settings won't be saved to Microsoft, I don't care because I only have this one Windows machine.

Focus follows mouse

"Click to focus" ultimately just means I type in the wrong window. This can be embarrassing sometimes. There are bad side effects of "focus follows mouse" on Windows, but I live with them.

I use this program to set it.

No need to "install" it, just run it once to permanently change the setting.

Move the start menu back to its corner

Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar -> Taskbar behaviors -> Taskbar alignment -> Left

Use words instead of pictures in File Explorer context menu.

Use case: I want to delete a file, not click on a wee picture of a trash can.

HOME is where the dotfiles are


At work I have to set CONDA_PATH and HOME in my environment so that bash works right.

  • CONDA_PATH=C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\Scripts
  • HOME=C:\Users\bwilson

Then I add CONDA_PATH to PATH so that I can run conda from the command line.

I have a .bashrc that loads /j/bin/bashrc. Most of the set up is in there.


Git can be a pain if there are spaces in its path, so never install it into "C:\Program Files". If you install it with chocolatey it will be in the wrong place.